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Originally Posted by Slow Moving Vehicle View Post
Previous IQs:

IQ1: Were you FDRs Secretary of Commerce, and a key architect of the New Deal and the Lend-Lease program? - Harry Hopkins....
I'd already asked about Harry Hopkins (post 253).

Previous IQs:

Was Louise the wife of your best-known character? - I'll rephrase. Which William Holden film was this?
Did you allegedly say, "Taxes are for little people"? - NYC hotel queen Leona Helmsley
Did Arthur C. Clarke write a short story about the destruction of your husband's grave? - Not Helen of Troy, but Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare's wife


Died after 1950?
Best known for a single incident?

One DQ reserved.


You are not William Holden. Was Louise the wife of your best-known character?
Were you born in London but raised in Cleveland?
Did you live in Troublesome Gulch?