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1. real
2. male
3. first name starts with H
4. dead
5. American
6. not political/military
7. died after 1900
8. not known for the creative arts
9. not a scientist
10. not a journalist
11. died after 1950
12. acclaimed in his own profession, but best known for a single thing
13. not known for business
14. died before 1999
15. not known for a crime
16. known as an athlete, but single thing doesn't relate to athletic prowess
17. noted for connection to a product or service
18. not associated with NYC
19. greatest fame in profession before 1950
20. unusual first name
21. not known from the Olympics
22. player of a team sport
23. not exactly a celebrity endorser, but known for something related to implicitly promoting something
24. not associated with a scandal
25. name and image are on a product (technically a product, I guess)