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Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
What policy issues are of specific concern to Asian-Americans that are being ignored by progressives?
Discrimination against Asian-Americans by prestige universities is the big obvious point right now.

Asian candidates today are treated exactly like Jewish candidates were earlier in the 20th century. Harvard has already been caught putting a heavy thumb on the scale to favor other groups. That's what the big lawsuit is about. I have no idea the legal validity of the lawsuit, but Harvard was shown to be using adverse "personality" scores -- as judged by people who had not even necessarily met the candidates -- to weigh against the stronger "objective" measures in order to dump the applications of (apparently boring) Asian kids in favor of other groups.

This is a source of serious rage. And understandably so. This is outright discrimination against a minority group, but my feeling here (perhaps wrong?) is that relatively few on the left care about it.

It's all well and good to say that Asians are "over-represented" at US universities based on their proportion of the overall population, as another poster has tried to argue, but when controlling for "objective" measures, it's glaringly obvious that the Asian kids of identical or even superior accomplishment are very likely to be passed over for a kid who belongs to a racial grouping that has better "personality" scores. This includes, as you have indicated, the kids at expensive private schools who play rich-personality-sports like lacrosse or crew.

Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
What does conservatism offer Asian-Americans who desire “equality of opportunity”? Conservatives support systems that favor affluent whites over others, and they’ve showed no sign of stopping this.
This is completely and totally true.

But politics can change over time. "We don't have to do anything about this, because the Other Group is not doing anything about this" is not necessarily a solid long-term strategy.

With that said, I agree entirely with you that the Rich-White-Sports candidates seem like a nice, plump target here. But there are political undercurrents to that (of course!) and there are other posters here on the SDMB who know an enormous amount about that topic. I don't personally know what the best plan here would be. But I really don't think it should be "nothing". There's a legitimate grievance here. An entire group of people is being forced to play the game with a much more stringent set of rules, based solely on their ethnicity, and they have every justification to be upset about that.