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Originally Posted by Trancephalic View Post
SzPD can be very intimate with select few people, actually (I can make eye conact with people such as my mom). I meant gregarious in the sense that one can chat up strangers and such(message boards are often less stressful for me). SzPD usually don't reciprocate attraction with others either (mostly because I'm inclined to think everyone might be, it's difficult to know who's being genuine, so I play it safe and assume no one is. Plus, other more personal reasons I'd rather not publicize). I abstain from recreational drugs, but only because I've seen how it ruined lives close to me, but SzPD is prone to it.

And animals do tend to be at comparative ease with me, rescues particularly.

I'm no psychiatrist, however, and my just be biased towards what I (might) be. The doctor still wants to rule out Asperger's, so extra grain of salt.

As for my own coping, I'm in the process of establishing some sort of independence, and just beginning treatment. It's agonizingly slow to be honest; I'm just unable to tell what my responsibilities start, and what limits to expect of outside help reasonably are.
For what reason(s) do you think animals, particularly rescues, tend to be at comparative ease with you?

Can you go on about establishing independence? What sort of responsibilities are you taking on? Will eventually take? What kind of limits of outside help are you realizing?