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Originally Posted by Der Trihs View Post
Because there's never been a chimp in Trump's position.
So we agree. A chimp couldn't be where Trump is and never will be.

Originally Posted by Der Trihs View Post
He accidentally stepped into the hole they carved into themselves and rode the machine they made to victory.
Trump, not the dozen other candidates in 2016, rode the machine to victory. You admit it was Trump that succeeded where others failed.

But again, you are focusing on the process by which he got there. This isn't about that. This is about the fact HE IS THERE. Trump can act with impunity. He lives a life of luxury. Whatever method got him there, he is there. And every move he makes, no matter how dumb the rest of us think it is, does not seem to be bringing him down. He has a powerful shield around him in Mitch and Barr and a weak speaker in Pelosi who doesn't have the fortitude to do anything about him.

You can keep waiting for his next action or next step to bring him down. But nothing so far has done that and it is looking less and less likely to do so. He can do what he wants. He knows it. You can't deny that, no matter how he got there.