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Originally Posted by Boycott View Post
So it took ol' Uncle Joe re-emerging from the sidelines after two years for this to happen. He might not even be the nominee!
Heh. Wouldn’t it be cool if that were the Democratic leadership’s plan all along?

1. Find a potential 2020 candidate plausible enough for Trump to worry about, but it’s okay if he/she doesn’t become the nominee in the end. Biden? Perfect - the Obama association will push Trump’s buttons just right.

2. Convince a family member of that potential candidate to do something legal but doesn’t-look-totally-above-board-maybe-on-the-face-of-it, in a country that depends on our official assistance, not for humanitarian needs but for hard-core security ones. Hmmm...Hunter Biden...and....South Korea? Not quite...Ukraine? Yes!

That’s all you really need for the set-up.

Obviously I don’t think this is what happened, but it would make for a clever twist/reveal in a book or movie.

Of course, Trump would squeal “entrapment” — don’t the perps always? — but no one was forcing him to act.