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Originally Posted by JKellyMap View Post
Heh. Wouldn’t it be cool if that were the Democratic leadership’s plan all along?

1. Find a potential 2020 candidate plausible enough for Trump to worry about, but it’s okay if he/she doesn’t become the nominee in the end. Biden? Perfect - the Obama association will push Trump’s buttons just right.

2. Convince a family member of that potential candidate to do something legal but doesn’t-look-totally-above-board-maybe-on-the-face-of-it, in a country that depends on our official assistance, not for humanitarian needs but for hard-core security ones. Hmmm...Hunter Biden...and....South Korea? Not quite...Ukraine? Yes!

That’s all you really need for the set-up.

Obviously I don’t think this is what happened, but it would make for a clever twist/reveal in a book or movie.

Of course, Trump would squeal “entrapment” — don’t the perps always? — but no one was forcing him to act.
That's already a right-wing conspiracy theory. Think I saw it on Twitter. Progressives are supposedly making all this up to tank Biden and Trump to get Warren elected.