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Originally Posted by Lance Turbo View Post
You are failing to understand what a board of directors is and does.

It is a do nothing job by it's very nature for the most part. They typically meet a couple times a year, usually, but not always, at least once. It's not so much a job as it is a position.

Al Gore is on Apple's board. Aside from inventing the internet, what's his expertise?
That's definitely my nonprofit experience. I've served on the board of one nonprofit, where I wasn't really an appropriate member (it's an early literacy nonprofit, and they brought me on to have a teacher, but what they really needed were fundraisers, and I eventually quit and offered to serve as a volunteer consultant instead), and I've worked with nonprofits who were transitioning their boards from activists and experts to rich fuckers, since the latter was really what they needed.

I don't really see Hunter Biden as a shining paragon of humanity, from the little I know, but instead as the kind of dude who's rich and entitled and has the way paved for him. Which, whatever, not my favorite--but hardly the sort of person that Trump gets to criticize.