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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
Ignoring everything Trump has done in the past, he is now openly asking foreign countries to investigate his political opponents, so I have to ask those of you who support him: What in the holy fuck is wrong with you people?
For some it I got mine, fuck y'all: As long as my brokerage statement has an extra zero who cares what he does to anyone else. Besides if we end up in a fascist dictatorship, there is a pretty good chance I'll be among the ruling elite.

For others, as D_Odds says, its all about trolling liberals: Ha!, you care about Democracy, civil rights, the environment, and love for yer fellow human being? What a loser, suck on this numb nutz LOL!

For a third group due to a combination of confirmation bias, and insular news sources, it is taken as an article of faith that the Democrats are worse: Sure he used his presidential for political ends, everyone does that. Clinton, Obama and Biden all did it and worse! Evidence? No I can't cite specific examples, but that just proves how good they were at covering it up!

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