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One way Republicans can stay relevant for decades to come is that liberal ideas generally go through two phases:

1. They are ridiculed, intensely opposed, and draw horror
2. Over the course of decades, they gradually become mainstream

Since Democrats are the liberal party, there will always be causes that are in Phase 1# and not yet in Phase 2#. For instance, gay marriage would have been unthinkable and those who supported it would have been considered radicals half a century ago, but today it is mainstream, and those who oppose it are labeled bigots.

Today, race-based reparations (to use one example) is intensely opposed, but a decade or two from now, it may be as mainstream as gay marriage, and those who oppose it will be "bigots." But no matter what, there will always be issues still in Phase 1#, for which conservatives can oppose liberals, and temporarily enjoy the support of the American majority in doing so. And that backlash can be very powerful, enough to give Republicans the presidency once every 8-12 years or so. If the Democrats push race-based reparations hard in 2020 and 2024, promising trillions of dollars to black Americans and blacks alone, that could very well lead to Republicans winning presidential elections, for instance. And even if black reparations passes..........then what? Liberals will promptly move on to the next idea, which will be unpopular for its first few decades, and conservatives can oppose that temporarily-unpopular idea next.

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