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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
One way Republicans can stay relevant for decades to come is that liberal ideas generally go through two phases:

1. They are ridiculed, intensely opposed, and draw horror
2. Over the course of decades, they gradually become mainstream

The phenomenon you're describing often occurs when you have normal parties that deal with the reality of what's going on around them. But under the current Republican party, I don't see that happening. The idea of Universal Health Care via any mechanism (ACA-done-right or M4A or something in between) is soundly rejected still. Climate Change being driven by man is still rejected by a great many Republicans....not only doing something about it, but even acknowledging that it exists. They still argue that tax cuts pay for themselves even after numerous real-world experiments have destroyed that doctrine.

So, when something slips from #1 to #2, I don't see the Republicans moderating their position to get with the times.