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Originally Posted by Max S. View Post
Don't do that.

In my opinion, that's what a jerk would do. Don't be a jerk, and don't suggest that a poster participates in a thread with ill-intent.

This is a horrible idea. It is absolutely vital to be able to point out when someone is interacting in bad faith in any debate. Someone using bad tactics will win every time if the other side can't point it out.

We have a case study with the alt right: they're clearly wrong with their bigotry and racism, but they use bad tactics to push their agenda, and it works, despite everyone knowing that racism is wrong.

The issue where I agree with the moderation is that such a claim requires evidence. You should not be able to just attack the character of the poster. You should have to show evidence of their bad faith arguments.

That is, as long as such goes both ways, as I say in my other reply. You can't outlaw the form of this informal fallacy that is used against conservatives most often, and leave out the ones used against liberals most often.

You want to accuse someone of not arguing in good faith, you need evidence their arguments are bogus. Not just character assassination.

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