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How to cook bacon: need answer fast

Yeah, I haven't cooked strips of bacon in years.

I'm making rumaki -- chicken liver wrapped in bacon, which I will broil until done. I know how to do that. But I find I have 3 leftover strips of bacon. Should I:

Make room on the broiler and cook it alongside the rumaki?
Put it in my cast iron frying pan, and heat (low? high? pre-heat the pan? start cold?)
Toss a baking pan below the boiler, and cook it in the oven with indirect heat?
Cover with a paper towel and put it in the microwave? That was trendy 30 years ago...

I realize this isn't a hugely consequential decision, and I'm sure it will come out tasty whatever I do. But I figured I may as well ask.

And... I prefer my bacon crispy, and somewhat evenly cooked.

Thanks in advance.