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I nominate the battery installation of the Dodge Journey.

I was at my friends' place, when they needed to boost it. We opened the hood. The battery terminals were there, yes, but there was no battery! The terminals were connected to thick cables that led somewhere down inside the car.

We connected the jumper cables and boosted the car. But where was the battery? I dug out the manual. After a bit of searching, all was revealed. To access the battery on a Dodge Journey, you must:
1. Park the car.
2. Turn the front wheels hard to one side*, as far as they will go.
3. Go into the wheel well. Behind the wheel, you will find an access panel in the wall of the wheel well.
4. Open this panel. The battery is within.

This isn't as bad as the (possibly mythical) car where you had to lift out the engine to change the spark plugs, but still...

*I don't remember which side to turn the wheels to.
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