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Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
I must say I'm confused by the 5 minutes. Even if I'm frying regular sliced bacon, instead of thick sliced, I find it takes closer to 15 minutes just to get to an edible cooked level, longer for crispy?
Don't know what he's talking about. Since he starts with non-stick pan and some oil maybe he's pre-heating the pan. To pan fry bacon I've started the bacon in a cold pan with no problems with the bacon sticking to the pan. I guess is you start with a hot enough pan you can get the bacon cooked in 5 minutes.

Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post
I recently watched Cook's Illustrated Test Kitchen make bacon by putting it a pan and adding enough water to cover. Then cook on med-high until water has evaporated and bacon is browned. I've not tried it yet. Seems a novel way to go about it.
Recently heard of this. It's supposed to stop splattering but I don't see how mixing water and hot grease would do that. I guess it cooks the bacon slowly at first until the water is mostly gone. This is supposed to work in a baking pan in the oven too. Maybe I'll try it some day.