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Originally Posted by dba Fred View Post
So which candidate(s) pick up the Beto supporters and whom does Beto endorse?
Buttigieg is the obvious choice but Beto voters may resent him for stealing Beto's oxygen. My theory on Buttigieg remains that this campaign is primarily focused on building a brand, not going full-out for the job right now. If he flukes into the nomination he'll take it, but he won't do anything to jeopardize a future run.

As for the rest: Harris's inability to keep her momentum going is not a good sign; I thought she was going to be a contender but she's currently floundering. I suppose she could still catch a break, though. I'd like to see Klobuchar hang in there at least long enough to gain some more exposure, if only to give her another chance to make her case without the background noise of two dozen opponents. I've found Booker to be a bit of a damp squib thus far, to be honest. And I'm genuinely surprised Yang is still in the running.