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Sorry, not good response other than to say it largely depends on the kid and his/her goals.

Curiously, my wife and I were looking at our HS senior yearbooks yesterday. I attended a Chicago public HS, and she attended a public HS in a near western burb. We graduated 1 year apart in the late 70s. My school was maybe 10% Asian, 10-15% black, 10=15% hispanic. She had to look hard to find a hispanic student.

My school had a ton of shop/technical classes - hers, not so much. Hers offered a ton of classes like psychology - that I do not recall our school offering. My HS had a number of "ethnic" clubs - Russiann, Ukrainian, Korean, etc. Hers, none.

She was her class valedictorian. Me, not so much.

Long story short, we ended up meeting in law school. So the different high schools did not seem to affect our trajectories too much.

I'd probably focus on what I thought my kids' strengths/desires. If I thought they wanted to attend college, I'd look for college acceptance, and depth/breath of honors/AP classes. If I thought they were planning on a non-college route, that would be less significant. Diversity of student body would be a plus, so long as academics were also strong. Also, I am personally a big supporter of public education.
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