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One area to keep an eye on is how things are categorized vs. the details given. "Combative" sounds serious. Throwing something on the table and yelling doesn't sound serious to me -- it sounds like what I would call as a lay person, agitated, or something similar. Oppositional or agitated or uncooperative is not the same as physically attacking or fighting with caregivers or others, which is how I would take "combative."

(I come at this not from experience with the healthcare side, but as a parent of a kid with some behavioral issues. I've been called by the school to pick up my kid for "stabbing" another kid with a pencil. I pictured a serious intentional penetration wound. What she actually did was more like "hit another kid while she had a pencil in her hand." One time the other kid was entirely uninjured, the other time a slight scratch. Still big issues to address, but different from what "stabbing" evokes for me.)

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