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Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
Again, you and others forget the constraints under which Mueller was allowed to investigate. One of the very first things decided at the outset of the investigation (likely ordered by Rosenstein but I have no evidence of this) was that the SC would be constrained by the OLC memo. This should not be surprising, since Mueller was working under the auspices of the DOJ and the memo is guidance that has long been followed by DOJ.

It's clear to anyone who read the report that Mueller intended for Congress to pursue its remedies under impeachment. He gave them a road map to do so. It is Barr who deterred this by mischaracterizing the report from the beginning. I don't understand why you continue to disparage Mueller but give Barr a pass.
I think he needed to give the nation who paid for the thing something after all of it: just say that it was a crime of intent and the president refused to sit in person, that it was not under his control, and POTUS' written reponses were inadequate to resolve issues about such a crime.

Mueller didn't want to be there at all, seemed allergic to his own testimony, and was mostly concerned wtih trying to stay out of memes and clips, by his word choices, and Barr and tronp both took that as a thumbs up ran like crazy with it within hours. And look at that: voila! The innocence project 2.0, more fucking gaslighting and post truth.