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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
As has been pointed out several times in the past, anything is impeachable if Congress says it is.
I'm going to stick my neck way, way out there and say Yes. If Trump conspired to have an ambassador murdered, he should be impeached and removed from office. I am sure you are all in awe of my courageous commitment to principle, but that is a burden I have learned to bear humbly.

I am hoping this isn't an attempt at a gotcha where you suddenly reveal that Trump had some American citizen killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan, but I am an incurable optimist.

No gotcha. Not from me anyway, and I hope not from anybody else. My intent is purely about the recent evidence that suggests there may have been at least a conspiracy to plan the assassination of Yovanavitch.

Honestly, I'm not expecting anybody to say they wouldn't support removal. I cannot imagine how, and at least from my own selfish point of view, any attempt ought to be hilarious. I can imagine some people will try to skirt the issue and not answer the question.

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