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Single malts can be hard to take, if you aren’t into the heavy peat or smoke. Unlike many, I think the blended scotches add something by blending: if done right they make a flavor profile that’s better than the individual parts. Johnnie Walker, while no doubt masters of marketing, do know what they are doing when they blend. While the Blue may not be worth the price tag, few would argue that it is not a very fine blend. Possibly their smoothest blend is the JW Gold. Around $80/bottle. When you have a glass or 2 of it, there is no doubt you are drinking a very fine whisky, without having to acquire any taste you didn’t already have.
Regards to the Green mentioned above: when JW discontinue a brand, and then re-introduce it, it tends to not be the exact same. So while it is still a malt-only blend, it probably isn’t from the same sources as the first go-around - meaning a slightly different flavor profile. My palate isn’t refined enough to tell the difference, though.

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