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Originally Posted by needscoffee View Post
I've always thought of The Sound of Music as a children's movie. Not really my cup of tea, even as a kid.

Christopher Plummer famously called it “The Sound of Mucus”.
Yes, you can clearly see that he thought the whole thing was beneath him. Which did nothing for me except him losing any meager respect I had ever had for him as an actor. If you are going to do a movie only for the money, the decent thing to do is to make it look like you want to be there and that you care about the outcome. All he did was look bored.

I seem to be the only one here who is old enough to have seen it in the theater when it was first released. I was in high school. It got a lot of stick from our adolescent intellectuals ("I'm so tired of movies about happy nuns!" was one comment, because The Singing Nun was out around the same time), but everyone else seemed to love it. It was a Very Big Deal. Julie Andrews did have a lot to do with it, I guess, plus the long Broadway run of the play. For most folks, though, I think its influence faded as the ugly realities of the later 60's came to the fore. Within a few years it was dismissed generally as fluffy and inconsequential.