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Originally Posted by Guest-starring: Id! View Post
Dallas Cowboys?
ok maybe not
The Habs haven't exactly been exemplary for quite some time now.
They're a disappointing team right now but their 10-15 year recent history is far, far better than Toronto's. Buffalo has now missed the playoffs eight years in a row and it looks like they'll make it nine, but I think Buffalo is not ever going to be a premiere franchise.

Getting this back to the NBA, I think most people would agree the league's three marquee teams are New York, the Lakers, and the Celtics, for reasons related to market size and (with the Celtics) history. The Bulls are just a hair below that, and the Raptors are an odd case moving up the ladder. (The Nets and Clippers are i nthe two big markets but are poor cousins.) Only the Knicks are terrible and a marquee franchise.

The longest NBA streak without playoffs on the go is Sacramento, who've missed the playoffs 13 years in a row, and they aren't looking good to avoid number 14. That is really kind of an amazing accomplishment when half the league makes the playoffs. However, Sacramento, again, is not a premiere franchise no matter what. The NFL is 17, by - of course - the Browns. Baseball, the hardest one to make the playoffs in by a small margin over the NFL (10 out of 30 teams; the NFL is 12/32) is the Mariners at 18 years. None premiere franchises.
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