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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
I think this is normally accurate, but in this specific case I think a very significant chunk of Bernie supporters (and potential Bernie supporters) are fueled by a hatred of Hillary Clinton and the political establishment in general. If that's true, and if that chunk is more significant than Bernie supporters (and potential Bernie supporters) who really like and value Hillary's opinion (as I think it is), then I think this kind of criticism from Hillary is a net positive for Bernie.

But this is all just, essentially, political gossiping. Who the hell knows? I'm guessing, based on my priors. Stuff like this is nearly impossible to predict with anything approaching certainty. Kind of like arguing which team will win a given football game. It's barely more than a wild guess.
No, quit pretending everything is meaningless and we're all just guessing. You are saying this stuff from Hillary helps Sanders, and your reasoning is that now Sanders supporters are REALLY going to be Sanders supporters, especially if they already don't like Clinton. Can you not see how silly and vapid that is?

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