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Originally Posted by Thing Fish View Post
Yes, we should have, but we didn't. And now it looks likely that the raw vote totals could produce one winner (Sanders) and the SDE count another (Buttigieg).

Halftime scores:

In the world where we say Buttigieg won:

Hari 1, asahi 1, everyone else 0

In the world where we say Sanders won:

pjacks 2, UltraV 1, Squid 1, Oak 1, TF 1, everyone else 0

My personal suggestion would be to give everyone credit for picking either Bernie or Pete first or second, so pjacks 2, 6 others 1.
I'm fine with taking this as a defeat. My own personal opinion is that Sanders won the race, except for a quirk and a totally botched caucus. I had actually thought more than once about switching my IA prediction to Sanders and just never got around to doing it.