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Originally Posted by Rysto View Post
Oh god help me, I have to sit through 3 hours of videos telling me not to discriminate based on race, colour, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, gender (including pregnancy status) or disability, and other riveting topics.
In 25 years of teaching, I can't t tell you how many hour-long videos I've had to watch with overly thorough quizzes afterwards. But some new tech they're using means I figured out how to finally bypass the video and cut straight to the quiz. Been acing those using a little thing they never anticipated called Common Sense...

"In the video, a student 'George' revealed to the class that his family was relocated via the Trail Of Tears. Should the teacher 'Biff' have attempted to bond by mentioning that his family has always been Washington Redskins fans? A) Yes B) No C) Yes, with reservations D) All of the above E) One of the above"