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Can you wait until I at least take my coat off before bombarding me with questions in the morning? You know how you get in extra early so you don't have to deal with folks before your caffeine kicks in? Well, I wish you'd extend me the same courtesy. Your questions are not that urgent that they can't wait ten minutes.

By the way, your questions are the kind of stuff you could just shoot me in an email. Email is great because you're not putting me on the damn spot. I can think about what I say before I say it. Also, a big advantage of email is that you have my responses in writing. You wouldn't have to keep asking me the SAME FUCKING QUESTION because you keep forgetting what I said.

I would tell you this but I don't think you can handle negative feedback. Why do I say this? Because even though you're old enough to be my mother, every time you come into my office, your face is all twisted up like you're terrified to talk to me. I can only guess it's because you sense I'm irritated. But I swear I wouldn't be if you'd just wait ten minutes or so for me to get settled at my desk. Every time I hear you knock on my door before I've had a chance to put down my bag, I have to force myself not to scream "GO AWAY!" I hate feeling so pissed off in the morning.