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Aw, widdle miss pwincess had her pwecious cheese stick thrown away!

I work at a vet clinic and we have a VERY small fridge. We don't have a ton of employees, but enough that our little dorm fridge was often full to bursting. A second little dorm fridge was installed in another room. When I started working there, no real rules for keeping stuff in the fridges existed, so I introduced the ones that were in place at my last employer: all items must be labeled with your name or initials and a date. Anything left in the fridge for more than a week is liable to be thrown out. Anything not labeled is fair game to be consumed by anyone.

The main fridge was getting pretty full last week, so I texted everyone who has stuff in there and posted a notice about a pending fridge clean out in the main treatment room on Thursday. Saturday afternoon, after I finished clearing out the main fridge, the DVM (and owner) told me to clear out the second fridge. NOTHING in there was labeled, so anything perishable was tossed. Everything packaged was fair game, so it was divvied up amongst those who wanted it and taken home.

This morning, Pwecious Pwincess tried to get snarky with me because I threw out her cheese stick. "This is fucking bullshit! That's the dumbest policy I've ever heard of. No other place has a rule like that and it's just not right. blahblahblah yacketyshmakety Don't ever throw my stuff away again!" I told her that I was just following the boss's orders and that if she had a problem, she should take it up with him. "You bet I will! This is just bullshit! Maybe I should go work somewhere else that doesn't have such stupid rules about the fridge." (The office manager said she was welcome to do so.)

But the doctor shut her down. "There is a policy that has been in place for months. I saw the notice. You had plenty of time to take your stuff out of there."

HAH! She thinks she's such hot shit because she's worked there longer than almost anyone, except the DVM's right hand gal (she's worked for him for 10+) years. Soooooooooo nice to see her not get away with throwing a tantrum over a goddamned cheese stick.

PS I had brought a cheese stick of my own from home today and made sure she saw me eat it.

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