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So this is a pretty common work complaint - lack of information being passed on - and how it affected my particular job today.

I was asked to start my shift an hour early to video Virginia's governor during his monthly Ask the Governor hour long show at a major news radio station in DC (everyone familiar with DC knows which one). I hadn't done it before, so I was a half hour early to set up and be fully prepared to do my job.

At 10am he rolled in and we began. At 11am, when it wrapped up, suddenly I see a reporter from my station and she's beckoning me to come with her to do a post interview where a bunch of other crews have gathered to get the governor in the lobby.

Had I been given even 5 minutes warning that a reporter would be there I could have prepped for it and not looked like a bumbling ass in front of competitors and the governor. Instead, caught off guard, I wasn't in "interview mode" and had to scramble to reset while everyone waited.

The job of keeping me informed falls to the assignment desk. No-one there told me the reporter was coming. I had even checked in at 9:35am and not a word was spoken, even though apparently the decision had been made by then.

I have a caustic email written to all the necessary parties but I'm just sitting on it. I'm pretty sure the primary party involved is actually being let go soon (for a build up of similar and other reasons), so how much good my tantrum will do is unknown. I spoke with some others involved and quietly expressed my dissatisfaction. They listened.

Anyway, thanks for the vent.