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Boss, I get that most of our "Night People" are young people who probably ran away home this holiday weekend. But it's hard to get things back on an even keel when you keep moving people's schedules around, always in the direction of "come in early". We need a few Night or at least Afternoon people to run around finding toys and things for people.

Also, I'm not exactly enthused about coming in at 5 am tomorrow. Although it does make sense . . .

(Retail. Store is more Grocery than than type of Store that really has Blow-Out Black Friday Sales. But, we've got enough things on Black Friday sale prices, that yes, someone needs to come in and take down the signs, and hang the price tags for the remaining 4 day ad. Still, not enthused).

On the plus side, Boss agreed with me that I didn't need to hang tags that are only good till tomorrow, as long as there was a sign nearby that listed the Black Friday Price.