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Dear Co-worker:

You are seriously part-time (often work ten hours a week).

I am full-time.

This has been a more or less typical holiday week-- not enough employees, too many customers, some balls got dropped.

I do NOT NEED you to explain which balls got dropped (with occasional "it's not your fault because they have you juggling all these other balls").

You do your work, I'll do mine.

[note to peanut gallery-- yes, part-time people can have information full timers don't, especially if they were in the right place at the right time. In this case, though, . . . honestly, co-worker has a bad case of liking to hear himself talk, mixed with a desire to be more vital to the function of the store/department than would be good for us given how few hours he's actually available. And my temper is short today, because I had to be there early, because of Black Friday related price changes.]