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Let's not even get into how America did in this thing - WTF, did these people think that we'd believe this crap?

Let's look at the timeline:

1939 - Depression
1940 - Depression
1941 - Depression
1942 - Getting ass kicked left and right
1943 - Finally starting to fight back at the periphery
1944 - Huge fuckin' army, huge fucking industrial output. Invade Europe by water, island-hopping in the Pacific. Weren't they in a depression just 2, 3 years ago (show time)?
1945 - Huge fuckin' army, winning a 2 front war, miracle super-weapons, standing-off the true "winner" of WW2 in Europe

There's not enough in the world for such an arc. Might as well give the US a magic wand while we're at it, guys.

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