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Originally Posted by CurtC View Post
Here in Texas, we got them in the late 70s - I recall getting stung by one the first time when I was a teenager.

I have wondered if there are fewer mounds than there used to be, or whether it's just me getting numb to seeing them. When I lived on a typical suburban lot in Plano, I got them all the time, but now I live on a lot that's completely covered by big trees, and I don't recall seeing a single mound in my yard in the 15 years I've been here. I suspect they like open areas bettter. Because they're not such of an issue for me anymore, maybe I just don't notice them as much.
Depends on where in Texas; they were in SE Texas as early as the 1950s, and they were imported into the US through Mobile, AL in the 1930s.

I don't see them as frequently in N. Texas as I did in SE Texas (Houston/Galveston area). Perhaps there's some sort of climate-related factor that makes a difference, and drier/colder areas see less infestation?

Anecdotally, it does seem rather weird that I can't remember finding but maybe one or two fire ant mounds in my backyard over the nearly 10 years since I've lived in our house. Growing up, there was always a sort of continual anti-fire ant patrol- kids would find them, report them to the parents, who'd usually treat the yard with Amdro and dump a big pot of boiling water on the mound. Problem solved... for a while until more ants migrated into the yard.

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