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Originally Posted by Morgenstern View Post
Let's look at what might happen. Another baker on the other side of town gets a request, from another LGBT couple, requesting 2 wedding cookies, each sculptured as a caricature of one of the wedding partners. Probably this is clearly an artistic endeavor by the baker.

If the cookies are nothing more than a standard recipe, round, undecorated peanut butter cookies, baked per the instructions on the box, then maybe not.
And what if the cookies are made according to her own recipe, and decorated according to her instructions, even using the custom cookie cutters she had specially made to cut cookies out in the shapes of people, exactly as she does for every other couple coming in getting wedding cookies?
You know how to know for sure? Right, wait for it to happen, then read the ruling.
Then of course, read the appeal, the overturn, and so on and so forth.