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Originally Posted by Cliffy View Post
I hesitate to mention this, because last time we did one of these it came close to derailing the thread. But Kris in Miracle on 34th Street? Just a nice old man with whiskers. He's the beneficiary of a dozen people making more or less self-interested decisions (Macy and Gimbel wanting to look good for their customers; Fred hating his old job and wanting something outrageous to build his resume; Doris needing to prove to Fred that she wasn't a wrinkled up prune; the judge and political boss counting votes, and the post office getting rid of all those dead letters).

It's easier to see in the full-length version, as the broadcast one cuts a few important bits to fit in an extra commercial -- most importantly, the scene where Macy and Gimbel are fighting over who gets to buy Kris the X-Ray machine so they can look good in front of the press.

...and you shouldn't have mentioned it, because now I have to rebut you. All those things happened because Kris was the real deal. You think all that stuff would have lined up so nicely if Kris was just some potty old dodger from the old-age home?