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Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
Not according to Serpico. Your opinions on this subject are fascinating, to say the least.
But I agree with Serpico. The police are still out of control. But graft among NYC cops is no longer considered acceptable practice.

xenophon41: Nice post, nice points. Judging from my survey though, we have a background rate of bad behavior of at least 50% -- and presumably the rule breakers are concentrated in certain jurisdictions. Here's my problem: you offered no substantiation, probably because you don't have any reports to back up your statements. Look: I'm guessing you are correct. But in my mind this just underlines the necessity of research on the topic, looking before leaping. (Though honestly, the US isn't going to do any leaping. They will just grind through lawsuits.)

Frylock: That's a fair question, and I'll try to think about it further. Basically though my answer is going to be, it depends upon the specific police practice.