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Police in Utah kill more people than gang members do

Utah police officers have killed more civilians than gang members, drug dealers, or child abusers have over the past five years, according to a new report from the Salt Lake Tribune.

Over a five-year period, data show that fatal shootings by police officers in Utah ranked second only to homicides of intimate partners.
And in 2014 they have exceeded intimate partner killings as well.

Nearly all of the fatal shootings by police have been deemed by county prosecutors to be justified. Only one the 2012 shooting of Danielle Willard by West Valley City police was deemed unjustified, and the subsequent criminal charge was thrown out last month by a judge.
And one of the comments:
This comes a day after I posted on another story that Utah's number of police killings per year would be 3.7 if it met the national average. So our rate is three times higher than expected (for the past year, at least). Good reason to question if excessive force and use of guns is occurring.