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Originally Posted by Bricker View Post
And I am entitled in turn to calmly point out that your mockery apparently isn't arising from anything but a desire to make Pell pay, his medical condition be damned.

You weigh the inchoate value of his accusers to confront him in person, as opposed to via video conference, over his medical concerns. And I infer that if he made the trip and died, your grief would be ..... muted.
No, he's revealed multiple times that he doesn't believe that he's actually ill enough that it's a problem. (Even you said you think it's probably safe if he's taken care of properly.) He's pointed out that multiple doctors are ready to come and insure that he'll be okay.

He, and apparently a lot of other people, see it as a way for him to avoid going to Italy where he would actually be in danger of being arrested. No extradition nonsense--he'd already be there. They see it as the Church fighting tooth and nail to keep from submitting a Bishop to the secular authorities.

And it's not an unreasonable belief with a Church that has been hiding this stuff forever, not submitting to the secular authorities. Not forcing those in confession to go admit their crimes in order to get absolution--which is what they are supposed to do.

It's not about making him suffer. It's about him apparently abusing the system by having a doctor say he can't go back. He doesn't allow some other doctor to confirm the diagnosis. He doesn't agree to let doctors come with him pro-bono to ensure his safety. All reasonable requests are denied.

Coremelt thinks he's getting off from having to do things that he should do. He's pitting him (not the law) for not rising above and doing more, as he would expect out of a Bishop who didn't want to make the Church look bad.

I tend to agree that it looks awfully convenient. And that the guy is probably guilty--hence why I think there's a real possibility he'd be arrested. And I think there's a very real possibility that he'll try to use this medical excuse to avoid being extradited, too. Hence, get him to face his accusers.

(which, frankly, I do think should be a right. The accusers should get to faces the accused the same way the accused can face their accusers.)