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Hoo boy, if last weeks stories were a thin gruel, tonight's offerings were a handful of breadcrumbs.

Joseph Greene II - His nephew was in foster care. Aaaaand...that's about it.
Brent Ruffin - Bow hunting! Driving through mud! Throwing a wheel! Yeeee-haw!
Chad Hohn - He was cut last year! Blood! AIIIEEEEEE!
Tyler Martin - His mom died, so he took up parkour. Uh-huh.
Lucas Gomes - Brah-zee-brohz! Brah-zee-brohz! Brah-zee-brohz! Brah-zee-brohz! Ree-lee ah-noi-eeng! Ree-lee ah-noi-eeng!
Casey Suchoki - Waited three weeks in the walk-on line for his grandpa to show up. Or something.
Travis Rosen - I'll just quote his wife here. "Having three kids definitely helps Travis in knowing how to overcome different obstacle. As a parent, you never know what's gonna come around the corner." Okay, then!
Brett Sims - He's a newlywed! And his wife competes too, meaning that NBC is finally free from hyping up Brent Steffensen and Kacy Katanzaro! (I looked it up...Grace Jones was in Team Ninja Warrior, where her greatest achievement was not flubbing as quickly as Cassandra Dortch.)
Caleb Watson - Dairy farming is so supposed to be a ginormous detriment to getting a fast time in quallies!
James "The Beast" McGrath - New hairstyle! Hey, that was a big deal for Andre Agassi, wasn't it?
Drew Dreschel - He owns a gym, so if he stinks up the joint, he doesn't eat! Presumably. Maybe. Because students apparently do have the memories of goldfish. Hey, work with it, all right?

Not a lot to say besides. Flying Monkey Peg was a challenge, but not the be-all end-all The Wedge was, which was comforting. A little surprised there were four finishers in an era where we've come very close to having none more than a few times. It looks like Atlanta was simply blessed with stars this year. Joseph Greene II went out at Warped Wall, making this the first time in forever that someone failed the Wall in both rounds of qualifying (Rodolfo Burgos failed in the first). And Caleb Watson should serve as a harsh warning against grossly overhyping the utterly meaningless prelims results.

Does anyone have anything on Yuri Force? He wasn't shown at all last time or this, and he was 11th in Cityfinals. Any reason for leaving him completely in the cold like this?