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(Still no responses to Oklahoma Cityfinals? Hmm, well, the Olympics are putting everything on ice for two weeks, so I guess there's no rush.)

Geoff Lancaster - He's sick of being overshadowed by his sister Jill! Sick, sick, sick! I have no idea who Jill Lancaster is! All these one-and-done washouts kinda run together for me!
Nate Burkhalter - It took him a loooooooooooong time to get his chance. No, really, twelve o's!
Reid Pletcher - All I really got to say is that this has to be the first time rock climbing has been shown in a negative light on this show.
Mitch VeDepo - He's a medical researcher. Nicknamed "The Science Ninja". Hey, he's a medical researcher, not a flippin' rapper!
Thomas Stillings - He proposed to his girlfriend, and she said yes! Which will help his chances in ANW! Somehow! Hey, don't harsh his buzz, dammit!
Grant Clinton - He nearly died six months ago! Now he did a backflip, pretty impressive considering that he nearly died six months ago! Here's hoping that he can improve on his lackluster qualifying effort, which would be sweet justice considering that he nearly died six months ago! That's going to be something of a theme during his run!
Andrew Potter - A REAL AMERICAN <cough, gag, retch, choke, retch, cough, retch, splutter, gag, retch, retch, retch> HERO!!!!
David Campbell - He really wanted to be the thing Isaac Caldiero is before Isaac Caldiero! Which is really nothing special. But he made it to Stage 1 every year! Which, honestly, isn't a vast improvement.
Tremayne Dortch - Oh, thank you so much for reminding us of Cassandra Dortch again...
Daniel Gil - It's only his second season competing and he's already such a force! That never, never, ever happens!
Jon Stewart - "We are family! I got my 7 year old daughter and me!"
Karsten Williams - Has a foster kid. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW??

Pretty good night overall, although nothing really groundbreaking or shocking. Daniel Gil's become a big, big force in this competition, and I still think he would've won TNW easily if only he chose his partners better; if he wanted an old guy so badly, he should've gone with Jon Stewart. As for Stewart himself, what more can be said? Every run from him is a new milestone. He's the Jerry Rice of ANW; just keeps going and going and never seems to lose a step. Brent Steffensen got out there, avoided mistakes, and did what he needed to do to get to Stage 1. His accomplishments are without question, but you get the feeling that even he knows his best days are behind him. And Tremayne Dortch and David Campbell gave a sober reminder that the course doesn't play favorites and there are no free rides.

Aside: Is this the first time that two competitors who cleared the EIGHTH obstacle got shunted to the 3WA dungeon? This seemed a bit egregious to me, especially since neither man was shown at all in quallies. They didn't take that long, either. If NBC had to cut corners, Reid Pletcher and James Wyatt would've been much more sensible choices.