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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
1) How is this election like the butterfly ballot?

2) If you cannot follow an arrow, you are too stupid to vote.
I'm honestly curious about this theory of political philosophy. If I fail to return a postcard, does this mean I have somehow consented to taxation without representation? If I fail to follow a set of instructions (or follow a set of instructions that were misleading or false), does this somehow justify governance without the consent of the governed? If I decide that I cannot afford to take time off work to hunt down a birth certificate to take more time off work to hoof it to the DMV to get a photo ID I don't need for anything other than voting, does this mean democracy should be abridged for me?

I greatly look forward to your myriad advances in the field of political philosophy, in this new branch I shall call the "Got mine, fuck yours" school of pseudodemocracy.