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Originally Posted by galen ubal View Post
If they put their mark in the oval, yes. If there's no mark in a particular oval, how would we know what their vote was? It all comes back to was it simple dumbness, or was there a calibration or similar issue with the machines.
That's my point. If the problem was that there was a 3% undervote in Broward, but only 1% elsewhere, and we assume that 2% of people did not vote for the Senate race because they were blinded by a lower left ballot placement, then what do we do?

If they missed it, then we can recount for years and there will still be no vote recorded for that race. Do we just give the Dems a 2% bump in Broward?

In any event, 98% of the voters were able to look down and to the left and finally find a way to vote for their preferred Senate candidate. How much money and time should society invest in making these ballots idiot-proof so that the Dems can get as many votes as possible?