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Originally Posted by CaptMurdock View Post

Why do you assume every vote previously uncounted was due to voter error? Some may be like these:

Miami-Dade just got 266 ballots from the Opa-locka post office. They won’t be counted

As I recall, this particular post office was locked down at one point due to a pipe-bomb scare. Is it fair that these voters should be denied their voice because of one nutjob?

This quote from the article sums it up:
From the article, the law says that the ballots must arrive by 7 p.m. on election day. That is the rule. It doesn't say "except if the post office did not deliver them on time due to a bomb scare." Now maybe the law should be changed. Maybe next year the NFL should change to a "one foot down" rule for catches.

What you do not do is change the rule in the middle of the process, or in the middle of a game, because you think that the rule is unfair.

Imagine if next week during an NFL game an official decided that kicking wasn't emphasized enough in the sport and declared that all field goals would be worth five points. Everyone would be outraged at such a decision because those weren't the rules in place prior to the game.

And that's just for a football game which in the grand scheme of things means very little. Why should we change the rules in the middle of a election? Is that somehow better?