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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
Football is a game. The purpose there is... to play a game. It's a sport. There's not really a purpose beyond that. You don't change the rules because the rules are what define the sport. Yeah, it'd be a dick move to change the rules mid-game, because then you're not playing the same game any more.

Elections aren't a fucking game. They have an actual purpose - to elect representatives that represent the will of the people. If the rules currently in place do a poor job of fulfilling that goal, then you're goddamn right we should change the rules mid-game! In this case, there's simply no reason not to count those votes. Sure, technically against the rules, but not counting them merely because they were held up due to a bomb threat is fundamentally against the spirit of the election, and the spirit is what matters. Imagine if those held-up votes would shift the outcome of the election - does it make any sense not to count them, just because of a bomb threat?

(This is also what's wrong with attempts to disenfranchise voters, and to act as though those unwilling to jump through increasingly ridiculous and completely unnecessary hoops are "too lazy" or "too stupid" to be worth considering. Someone who gets robbed on election day and loses their photo ID deserves to have a voice in our government just as much as you do.)
The fact that elections are not merely a game is all the more reason to follow the pre-established rules. Either party can point to a law mid-counting and say that it is wrong or unfair for X, Y, or Z reasons. And what seems "unfair" bears a striking similarity to what gets more votes for the party claiming the unfairness.

If the Steelers are awarded a touchdown because of some arcane rule, then I tend to approve that rule. If their opponents are awarded a touchdown because of the same rule, then I tend to think that it is a stupid fucking rule that should be changed. Such is the nature of human beings.

To change the rules during the counting process would invite chaos.