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Originally Posted by Jackmannii View Post
You're missing the point.

It gets tiresome to see attempts at dismissing the viewpoints and feelings of a large number of people of whatever ethnic or religious minority, on the basis that a token figure (or poster, for that matter) who shares a similar background doesn't feel offended (or in the case of Paul Krugman, intimates that The Other Side Is Worse so nevermind, nothing to see here).

Paul Krugman or Clarence Thomas are free to offer personal opinions, but that doesn't make them spokesmen for their ethnicity/race.
I never meant to suggest that Krugman was a spokesman for his race, but neither is Benjamin Netanyahu. There are a lot of Jews who can understand what Omar might have been trying to say, even if her limited background and cultural knowledge might have caused her to unintentionally step in it. People are soooo worried about Omar's anti-semitism, well here's the reality: there are many more Jews and Zionists in positions of power in the United States than there are Somali Muslims like Ilhan Omar, so I'd say they're doing just fine. I'd say that their worldview is being rather well represented. Omar's? Not so much.