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In terms of principles, I don't have a major issue with what she's saying. But I have a feeling that when it comes to putting those principles into action, she and I would have more disagreements.

For example, I can see that if she were President, she'd probably take a line on human rights that is somewhat similar to Trump on trade: as in, making such a topic that overrides any other considerations in foreign relations, so that relations between the U.S. and other countries gets boiled down to mostly a single issue. I don't think things should be simplified to that degree.

So, let's take Saudi Arabia as an example. Horrible on human rights. But, let's say for argument's sake, that they are helping behind the scenes to get the Taliban to the negotiating table so we can get out of Afghanistan. Should we be as hard on Saudi Arabia as we are on other horrible human rights abusers, like Iran, when the latter countries aren't helping us at all on other issues? I think that requires a more nuanced position than thinking that Saudi Arabia should be under the same sanctions as Iran.

But even within the nuances, there's unquestionably more room to be more critical, and take stronger action, against some of our "friends" who abuse human rights. Like after the Khashoggi murder, damn right we should have started cancelling arms sales. But I suspect that Rep. Omar would probably be further to the side of, we should treat Saudi Arabia and Iran the same.