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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
I think you're missing the possibility of a lot of nuance and grey areas (i.e. different quantity/quality of torture, different reasons for it, different levels of punishment/sanctions/etc.). She doesn't get into this level of detail -- maybe she should (and it would be reasonable to ask her these questions), but she didn't.
Perhaps you can explain further what you think she meant, since you have objected to my interpretation as being so off-base.

I'll also ask you this -- do you believe we should do nothing about torture and other human rights violations of ostensible allies? No punishment/consequences at all for Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, or others who have done terrible things but generally side with us? It seems pretty reasonable to me to suggest that those countries should face some consequences for these terrible things, and that's what I think Omar is suggesting, broadly speaking.
Read post 292.