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Nursing homes: as sleazy as ever?

Last Monday my PCP was going to talk to the social worker about my exit plans. Yesterday she was talking about me becoming a permanent resident. She's worried about me needing fulltime nursing care. Huh? All I need is to be able to use a walker, which I haven't been able to do because of my broken foot, foot wounds. and crappy knees. Now the break has mended and the wounds are closed (they were bad). All I need is Cortisone shots to the knees, which was delayed until the wounds healed. My home is better set up for me than it was. If I need to I'll just buy a used Hoveround to get around better. I'm not a prisoner and what i need are the shots, a couple more weeks for the new skin to thicken, start using a walker, and I'm gone.

What would motivate her to say that? I think it's because the state's checks haven't bounced and they noticed that I'll be on Medicare in a month and their checks won't bounce, either.