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Originally Posted by Sitnam View Post
Bill Burr is a hilarious comedian, the focus of much of his humor comes from his exposure throughout his young life of ‘toxic masculinity’. Of which, he acknowledges had a negative influence on his life. If you watch 20 years of his comedy it’s a path to being less angry and less ‘masculine’ in the way he was taught men should behave. He’s funny, because it comes from a place all men can relate to, but it is sad he and many other men are raised to think the way he thought.

Just a data point.
That's interesting. The videos I've been linked to from him did not lead me to think that at all. He just came off as an asshole, while everyone else was telling me it was funny. He'd always be making some sort of excuse for something obviously bad.

I definitely don't in any way identify with anything I heard him say. And I am not remotely untouched by toxic masculinity. I don't know how many pissing contests I wind up getting into, for example. I'm better than my extended family who get into actual fights, but I still have toxic anger I have to deal with.

Do you have any links to videos that illustrate this aspect of his comedy?

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