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Originally Posted by Max S. View Post
You can't force a doctor to perform an operation they consider unethical or medically unnecessary. Not even legislation can do that. Vasectomy is considered permanent and I can sympathize with doctors who think you may come to regret your decision. It is their right to refuse to endorse/perform a medically unnecessary operation and it is your right to find another doctor. I am not a doctor but my opinion is that merely wanting to be sterilized does not constitute medical necessity or an ethical obligation for the doctor.

Orchiectomies on the other hand are carried out as treatment for testicular cancer, advanced prostate cancer, or as part of sex reassignment surgery. It would be unethical for the doctor to let you die of cancer because the operation is irreversible. Some doctors (or insurances) still refuse to recognize sex reassignment as medically necessary.

Well again, my proposal is to just change that practice. Obviously I think the simplest solution is to just ban it, but there could be other avenues as well. Maybe the state governments could provide some sort of incentives for docs who agree to do it on younger men? I.e., compiling a statewide database of docs who are willing to do it, offering those docs higher Medicaid reimbursement rates, possible student loan forgiveness, etc.